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Tales From Ocherva, Volume One by Ken McConnell. Ten short stories about Stellar Rangers and Silicant androids set on the barren world of Ocherva. If you enjoyed my Space Opera novel, Starstrikers, you will like this anthology of Space Western short stories set in the same universe.

This e-book only release from GB PRESS is available on the Kindle and from Smashwords. Future releases on the Nook and iBookstore to follow. There are no current plans for a paper edition of this anthology.

You can read more about the making of this e-book and the writing of its stories on my blog:

Reader Reviews for Starstrikers and Tales From Ocherva:

“Kudos to Ken McConnell for creating a space saga that is both new and unique but also embraces the themes we’ve grown to love over the years in movies, books, and television. Starstrikers is indeed out of this world!” – Shannon Yarbrough LL Book Review

“Starstrikers opens up new and inventive ideas while toiling with timelines and emotions in an exciting adventure that keeps you eager to read right to the end.” – Christopher Morgan

“If the author adds more books and makes this into a series, I’ll surely be on board to read ‘em.” – Frontlaven

“…a refreshing as well as nostalgic approach to the realm of space operas.” – D W Country

“His android short stories are actually related to each other while each can be read alone, so the more you read the more you get to know about the characters involved. Yet, each story adds to that character’s history while each story is easily read stand-alone and still gives you a character you get to know.” – Bill Blohm

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