GB Press is a new kind of publishing venture created by independent authors, graphic artists and editors who want to put out quality books without the baggage of traditional publishing companies. We use Print On Demand technology and on-line communities like this blog to get our books to our customers and to build relationships with our customers that simply have not been possible before now.

When you buy a book with the GB Press label, you are getting exclusive access to the author from social web sites. Each book in our inventory is featured on this site where readers can gather to discuss the book. Now you can know when the next book is coming and if you choose, get inside information about its progress directly from the author.

GB Press is also committed to open standards and new media. All of our books are available in a number of open formats for free and many proprietary formats for a small fee. But our crown jewel remains our printed books, that are expertly designed and never printed until you order them.

We believe that successful authors are grown not discovered. Our authors take the time to get involved with their readers and to get out into their local community for signings and readings. We are not soliciting member authors at this time.

Follow the editors from GB Press on Twitter – @gbpresseditors